Our philosophy: You can’t completely prevent an emergency from happening but you can reduce the likelihood and impact of that emergency before it ever occurs.  If it does occur you need to be prepared, equipped, and knowledgeable.  Prevention, planning, and training are critical components.  If your only plan is to respond to an emergency after it begins…that is not enough.

There is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” response for any emergency – it can’t be done.  Over the last few years there has been a necessary focus on Active Shooter Events (ASE).  Federal/State/Local agencies and other consultants have all developed their own solutions to fit ASE scenarios and have published this information widely.  We believe that emergency prevention, planning, and response encompasses much more than this.  What is your plan to deal with an explosive, or a suspicious package, or a HAZMAT situation?  Conventional wisdom is often faulty.

Your situation is unique – structural layout, operational protocols, active/passive security measures, the number of people in your facility, and a myriad of other considerations are all factors in your risk mitigation.  These are critical points in developing effective prevention and response plans that deal with any number of potential situations.  Without a customized solution tailored to your unique environment and needs you will be left with an unnecessary elevated risk level.

We offer end-to-end solutions and work with you to understand that you have the ability to mitigate any threat before it occurs.  We do this through physical security analysis and improvement; operations enhancement; security policies; risk mitigation procedures; response planning; documentation; training.  You will be prepared to deal with the threat.

Combined with our best-in-class experienced EMS and military instructors you will also gain the skills needed to save lives.


No emergency can be totally prevented.  You will inhibit it, you will be prepared for it, and you will be ready for it.


You can reduce the risk and protect life.  This is our goal.  This is what we do.


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Each of our instructors and consultants average at least 15 years of industry experience.


- Field Medical Training

- Technical Rescue Training

- Rescue and Medical Threat Assesments

- Site Surveys

- Operations Plans

- SOG Development

- Drill Planning and Facilitation

- Equipment Decisions

- Medical and Rescue Standby

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