Civilian Response to Traumatic Events
Follows C-TECC  Guidelines

In this class you will learn ways to enhance survivability and care for the severely wounded in everything from at home and job site emergencies, to Active Killer incidents.


You will learn to control severe bleeding using tourniquets, pressure dressings, and wound packing. You also will learn basic airway management, caring for an unconscious victim, how to safely move a victim, personal and family safety techniques including situational awareness, pre-threat predictors and much, much, more.


Unlike a Stop-The-Bleed class, this program goes well beyond basic bleeding control and teaches you ways to make a difference when the victim is not just bleeding, or you are in a high threat situation. Taught by Paramedics, Police Officers, and Soldiers who have responded to, and reacted in these types of incidents, they will share their experiences, and give you personal insight on how they mitigated these stressful and chaotic situations.


This course is hands on and scenario based. Students should plan on occasional moderate exertion and stress. We recommend wearing comfortable clothing that you don't mind getting dirty.


This class is eligible for up to 8 hours of EMS continuing education credit and is accepted by the NREMT.



$105.00 / 8 HRS 

CAGE: 81R93

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